About us

Multi Naturals Inc. is a venture to bring out the daily care products which are close to nature and free from chemicals. We believe that the best healing and ultimate care exists in Nature, in its purest form.

Our mission statement “Care for Yourself… Naturally!!” is a dream that we look forward to fulfill, wherein every human can obtain a complete care and healing by using the natural products. We aim to unravel the hidden secrets of nature, which have been extensively used by our older generations. We believe in bringing out the products which benefits all kinds of skin. Our products can be used on any skin type, ranging from the dry, rough kinds to the extremely sensitive ones.

Our skin undergoes a lot of changes due to various reasons, eg. pollution, stress, lack of sleep, ageing etc and in our busy lifestyle we look forward to having a skin care regime where we achieve the maximum benefits in minimal cost, time and effort. This has been our objective, in bringing out the products which suits every skin and provides a complete skin-care solution in a natural way. The trust shown by our customers, motivate us to do better and to come up with better and best solutions in complete skin care.